Self storage

Self storage

What is the Self-Storage Concept?

If you live in a big city and do not have a basement or a garage, but you do have lots of things you have to put somewhere… if you run a small business and need space where to keep your stock… if you make your living by renting bulky props… or if you have a bike you want to keep dry and safe during the cold period of year… if you are moving to a new destination… or if you simply renovate your apartment – self-storage is your obvious choice.

This concept of self-storage is well-known throughout the world, especially in America, where it started during the mid-50s of the 20th century. It embraces renting/leasing smaller storage units/boxes on monthly basis, without signing a long-term agreement. You are the only one who can access your properties, at any time, while they are fully safe while you are away by fire protection equipment, alarm systems, proper lighting, CCTV, and security personnel.

Advantages of Self-Storage Units

Using self-storage units in certain life and business circumstances is the only logical solution. Whether you have decided to sell a bigger apartment and buy a smaller one, move to another country for a few years and cancel your current housing lease agreement, renovate the place you live in, bought a condo while still under construction but already purchased new things for it, or if you are a business owner whose office space is clogged by files needing archiving, or you have superfluous office materials and furniture – self-storage is your preferred option.

And we have listed only several circumstances where excess pieces of the property appear, while they all need placing into a secure, safe, dry, and accessible location – self-storage unit.

Why Self-Storage Unit and not Weekend House, Basement, or Garage?

Self-storage units are a specific concept of storing things, ensuring high standards of security, accessibility, and price favorability, which include:

Perimeter security – alarm systems, video surveillance, security guards, all operational 24/7/365,
You can access your belongings 24/7/365,
You are the only one with the keys, codes, and physical access to your unit/box,
Favorable pricing models on monthly basis, without mandatory signing a long-time agreement,
Discounts and promotions for a longer duration of the lease,
Storage units are dry, protected from the weather elements and conditions,
Spaces are fully protected from rodents and other vermin.

No matter how big or small your belongings are, whether they are valuable ordinary, we have a secure and professional solution for you.

Types of Storage Facilities

The storage facility is a common denominator for spaces designated for storing various kinds of merchandise. Storages can be divided into different categories: by size (big, mid-sized, small), by type of space (indoor, outdoor), or by other criteria (fenced, roofed, unroofed).

Big storage – warehouses are usually parts of large logistic centers where the merchandise is stored for a certain period, until ready for further transportation, manufacturing, distribution, or selling. These facilities may have many thousands of square meters.

Mid-sized storages are designed for smaller quantities of goods, less frequently moved to and from them. Usually, their size is up to 500 sq. meters. Merchandise stored in them is normally for local distribution.

Self-storages are conceptually designed for the needs of individuals, small businesses, and sole proprietorships.

The maximum available space in them is 50 sqm, but it can range from 1 to 20 sqm and cannot be categorized as group storage, but only as of the individual – personal storage.

Items stored in Self-storage storage units are usually personal belongings, most frequently:

  1. Furniture,
  2. Wardrobe,
  3. Household items and appliances,
  4. Small business and online trading goods,
  5. Office materials,
  6. Various tools,
  7. Technical equipment.
  8. If the space is properly air-conditioned, foods that do not require deep freezing and maintaining cold chain can also be stored for a shorter time, usually a day or two before the weekend or market days,
  9. Motor vehicles, trailers, motorbikes,
  10. Bicycles and other sports equipment (skis, scooters, etc.),
  11. Antiques.

Our Self-Storage Units

Toro Box offers a unique local concept of self-storage units. Our units are made according to the highest quality standards so they can fulfill their role – to flawlessly keep your valuable belongings, following the guidelines of the Canadian Self-Storage Association (CSSA).

Our storages are engineered to provide 100% protection from leakage, mold, moist and burglary. We have been focused on 3 basic dimensions existing at standardized 20 ft ocean freight containers.

Each of our units has the following elements installed: alarm system, sensor light, power socket, antitheft lock. They are covered by CCTV and regularly patrolled by the security guards.

We offer Self-storage storage units for:

Self-Storage Units for Individuals

You are moving, renovating, you want to sit at your terrace and have a coffee with a view not obstructed by your skis? You need a solution for storing your things, where they can be safe, dry, that you can access them at any time and that you are the only one who can do it? Check our Self-storage Units for Individuals web page.

Self-Storage Units for Companies

An entire office is filled with files, computers, printers, office materials, samples… Or, you are starting an online trading business and your office is stuck with the goods you have to deliver. Your office space should not be consumed by things and used as storage. Please, check our offer of Self-storage Units for Companies.

Self-Storage Units for Motors

Winter is coming, you do not want your favorite two-wheeler to be locked around the post or brought inside the lobby of your condo or at your neighbor’s place. Check our Self-storage for Motors options.

Air-conditioned Units

If you distribute eggs or dried meat products, you need a space for unloading and storing them at optimal temperatures, protected and kept following storage standards used in the food industry. Check our Air-conditioned Self-storage Storage Units offer.

Do you need help with moving or packing?

If you have decided to undergo a burdensome task of moving, you should stick to some pieces of advice which we find necessary so that everything goes smoothly. More details on our Moving and Packing page.

Complete Solution for Storing Your Things in One Place

We hope we have succeeded in explaining our idea of what high-quality storage actually means. If you believe a Self-storage storage unit from our offer might be right for you, we are inviting you to contact us and make an appointment without any commitment and our on-site managers will give you a tour through our facilities so you can have a direct look experience on the quality we offer.