Packing and Storing Tips
Based on our long-term business experience, we have gathered some useful information to make the process of moving, packing and storing easier for you.

  • When packing your things, categorize them and clearly mark each box/bag, because in a couple of months you will probably no longer remember where everything is.
  • When packing heavier items, such as books, choose smaller boxes.
  • Place boxes you will need sooner in the front of the storage unit.
  • If you are storing large pieces of furniture such as tables or beds, make sure to dismantle them, and place the flat surfaces in an upright position.
  • Photographs and documents that may curl over time are best placed between flat, heavier surfaces. Cardboard can also work.
  • Empty your small appliances or equipment such as loan mowers or gas tanks from all types of fuel, gasoline, etc.
  • Store water hoses, shovels and other gardening tools in garbage cans.
  • Be sure to store your mattresses in protective wrap, and store flat.
  • Protect all wooden materials with oil before storing.
  • Protect all metal objects, especially those that rust over time, with oil before storing.
  • Consider temperature changes, especially if you are not renting the climate controlled unit. Look for protective wrap that resists temperature changes.
  • Remember that the unit is 2.5m high, and use that height wisely. Stack your belongings on top of each other, using flat surfaces in between, to create balance and more storage space.
  • Always use high quality locks and keys on your units.
  • Add protective wrapping wherever practical.
  • Download document with packing and storing tips

    Ask Toro Box staff for all additional questions!