Storing things

Storing Things

The deficit of available space is a problem that every one of us encounters at a certain moment. Life in a city often has a consequence that our living and working space is limited, while solutions such as owning your garage or basement are expensive or simply unavailable.

At the same time, the lack of space is a situation that can suddenly emerge in cases of moving or renovation of the house, condo or office space. When such a situation takes place, people ask themselves how to organize storing of the furniture, household items, or recreational equipment. Inheriting numerous or bulky things that are valuable and yet without space where they could be stored adequately is also an inconvenient situation that can occur.

Small businesses, traders and companies need additional space for storing their stock of merchandise which they cannot or do not want to keep on the premises. Besides, they frequently need moving or relocation, renovation, or expansion of their office and business space and that becomes the moment when they realize how many things they are unable to store anywhere: computers, printers, landline phones, office equipment, chairs, tables, cabinets, archives, etc.

The problem of storing things, whether they are furniture, merchandise, stock, vehicles, or some other equipment, can be solved in an efficient, simple, and convenient way by renting our Toro Box Self Storage units.

Storing Furniture

Moving from one apartment (or house) to another, relocation from a bigger condo to a smaller one, inheritance, renovation of your living space, are the most common life circumstances when we ask ourselves where to store all that furniture that we lack space for.

Storing furniture is sometimes a necessary step because you have to move out from the existing living space and the new one is not ready yet; or, you are renovating your apartment and have no place where to put all those household items. There can also be a situation where you have inherited some valuable furniture that you do not want to dispose of, but there is simply no place for it in your house. Same with the purchase of new furniture – the old one has to be stored somewhere until you find a buyer for it or until you transport it to another location (cottage, for example).

Storing Merchandise/stock

The needs of the entrepreneurs and traders for space are specific. It is not unusual that the office space and employees are physically separated from the warehouse where the stock is kept. It is almost a rule in densely populated urban areas, where storing the merchandise at the premises would be too expensive or there are no conditions for it at all.

Under such circumstances, it pays off much more to have your self storage unit than to organize storing merchandise at a garage, yard, or basement nearby (that are usually also inadequate).

Besides, the conditions under which the business entities perform their operations are dynamic and constantly changing. Such dynamic can cause a need for relocation of the office space – to a bigger or smaller one – and periodically, their renovation is also required. Office furniture, equipment, and archive that have been piling up for years suddenly become a huge problem, easily solvable by our self storage solution.

Storing Vehicles and Other Equipment

Some activities and hobbies can be pursued only intermittently – during weekends, vacations, or certain seasons. Driving a bike or scooter, fishing, sailing, or camping outdoor do not happen all year round, while you have to store the necessary equipment somewhere.

The same applies to some specific items such as bulky musical instruments (the piano or the drums, for example) and equipment (amplifiers, speakers), car tires, seasonal clothes, tools, trailers, scuba or ski gear, household items, home electronics and appliances.

All those things can be adequately sorted and organized in space, allowing you to access the items you do not need every day at any time and safely return them to your dedicated storage unit.

Toro Box Self Storage

Various circumstances, life or business events and happenings, put us in a situation in which we require additional space. Furthermore, such need may also end abruptly and the problem has to be solved as soon as possible. As a company that offers services of storing things, Toro Box has a unique, optimal concept of self storage units.

Our self storage units are not warehouses for keeping things that belong to anybody – they are individual units, dedicated exclusively to you, meaning nobody else has access to them. They are 24/7/365 secured by the perimeter security, dry, clean, and under the key and access code that only you have.

An additional advantage of this solution is the flexibility regarding the size and duration of rented space. We understand that you will keep certain things longer and some others for a shorter time. In both cases, personalized self storage will resolve your issue.

Depending on your needs, we offer personal, business, or vehicle storage, and air-conditioned storage units.

Moving and Packing

Toro Box offers services of moving and packing things.

Complete Storing Solution

If you think that a self storage unit could be the solution for your troubles with the space you need, contact us and make an appointment with our manager who will show you our storage units so you can personally check the quality of our services.