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10 questions you should ask when renting self-storage unit

When you realize you need additional space, whether because of the moving or simply because you have limits within your living or working space, the decision to rent a self-storage unit becomes the next natural step you should take.

But, before making that step, you should be sure that you are reaching the right decision for you and your things. Space is certainly the key factor for an optimal service of storing items, but there are also other aspects to be taken into consideration – access, security, maintenance, etc. That is why it is so important that you get the appropriate answers to these crucial questions:

1. What is the price of renting a self-storage unit?

We should probably not remind you of asking this question, but it is good to bring to your mind the importance of evaluating whether you are receiving the right quality for your money. The following questions will make such evaluation and reaching the correct decision easier.

2. Are my things going to be safe and secure?

Of course, you expect your things to be fully safe and secure. Related to that, you should ask these questions to evaluate if the service provider can be trusted: What types of security does a company implement? Are there security cameras and CCTV installed on-premises? Is there the security personnel on-site? Have there been any security breaches within the warehousing facility and what has the company done about them?

3. What type and dimensions of the storage unit should I choose?

You must find out more information about the types and dimensions of available storage units. That information will help you estimate whether a self-storage unit is a right solution to your needs before you spend any time and money. If you are not sure which type of unit you require, we suggest that you measure the dimensions of your belongings or the boxes you will use for packaging them and that you reach the decision on the appropriate type and size of the unit in coordination with ToroBox employees.

4. How long does the rent last?

Can I rent a storage unit for a short period? What are my options regarding the long-term lease? Before you reach and sign an agreement, you should check if the company policy regarding the duration of renting the units suits your needs and plans. There are no reasons why you should pay the rent longer than you need. Define your desired timeframe and agree only for the time you need. When talking about timeframes, do not forget to inquire about how much in advance you have to notify the storage service company that you want to pick up your things.

5. Am I going to be allowed to access my things at any time?

There are many details to be taken into consideration when you evaluate the accessibility to your things, because you may require access to them during the term of the lease, not only while you bring your possessions into the unit or picking them up back. Ask if the company offers 24/7 access and whether there are limitations or special conditions for executing access. Check if you are the only person to have access to the rented storage unit, or it can be accessed by an authorized company personnel member (which can come in handy if you need any assistance when accessing your unit at any given time, day or night).

6. Who do I contact when I need to?

You want a storage unit service from the people who care about their facility and things they secure. It is also understandable that you want to have someone to turn to and communicate with during the lease period. Ask the right questions regarding this matter: Who will answer my call? Can I call at night or during the weekend? Should I make a voice call, write an email, or text someone? It is good to be familiar with these things before you rent a storage unit.

7. Can I insure my belongings?

If it is worthy of storing, it is probably worth insuring. Make inquiries whether you can insure your stored possessions and under what conditions. Have full peace of your mind when it comes to the integrity of your belongings.

8. How does a service company maintain the hygiene of the storage facility and its surroundings?

Before renting a self-storage unit, make sure the applied hygienic criteria meet your expectations. Cleaning the unit you rent itself is your obligation, but tidiness of the surrounding area and the entire facility should be up to the service company. Water leakage, patches of dirty space, a hint of mold or the presence of vermin have to be addressed immediately and adequately before a problem is spread. Ask how the company resolves these issues and what are its policies regarding them.

9. What about fire protection?

Do not assume that the fire protection system is an integral part of the service you rent. Ask about it. Are there sprinklers installed? Fire extinguishers? Smoke detectors?

10. Are there any additional special conditions for renting a self-storage unit?

The service provider may require additional conditions for renting self-storage units a lessee must adhere to. Ask whether there are such conditions in place before you start with the rent.

To sum it up…

In ToroBox, we are proud to provide a safe and high-quality service of renting self-storage units. We prove that by applying the highest security standards, excellent maintenance, favorable prices, and intensive and caring relationship with our clients. The questions we have stated above are only the selected ones among those you should and can ask before you decide to rent a self-storage unit. For more details and additional information, you can call us, visit our site, write us an email to torobox@gmail.com, or contact us on our Facebook or Instagram page.