Guide to Storage Made Simple: List of Things in Self-storage

There are so many obligations, and their number is growing incessantly. Our focus and memory are occupied by various tasks and everyday chores – how can we remember what we put into our self-storage unit and in how we did it?

It is a common occurrence that the people hesitate to store their things into a self-storage unit because they are afraid that they will forget what and where exactly they put their things inside, they will somehow ‘alienate’ from them, lose their control over them. 

Another case we often see is that people come to their unit to collect a particular item they need, but they have no idea where that item was placed initially, among so many things stored inside. 

It is true that our homes and working spaces are filled with stuff and that it is a fair challenge to recall what we once possessed, bought, or gave to somebody, where we placed a certain thing, and how we are going to locate what we are looking for. There are so many reasons for a headache…

The solution is amazingly simple – make a list! Make an inventory of everything you are placing into a self-storage unit and that will solve this unpleasant issue. It may look like a nuisance, but the advantages are huge: 

  • You will have insight into the state and exact location of your items, being safe from the possibility to forget that in the future.
  • In case you have to pick something from the unit, the list will help you do that in a fast and easy way, avoiding sifting through the boxes, performing random searches, or simply making a mess.
  • Making list is the first step in having your living or office/business space neat. By making one, you organize your belongings and the space they occupy. You then recognize what you need in those spaces, what should be placed into a storage unit, and what you can dispose of. 

The list can be made parallel to placing things. Or not. It is only important to make one and keep it safe during the entire period of renting a unit. One thing is for sure – the sooner you start making the list, the less work will be needed later. 

Step 1: Good organization is half of all work

  • Start everything with making categories: similar items, things with a similar purpose, or items originating from the same space (home, office), E.g.: kitchenware, bathroom items, bedroom things, tools, toys…
  • Making the list and placing things should be sorted from bulkier to smaller items.
  • Place small things into the boxes. Label the boxes.
  • Do not hesitate to get rid of things you do not need anymore. Why keeping things you have not used for years? There is no point to rent a storage unit for things you will eventually throw away. 

Step 2: Making the inventory

When you make an inventory, start from one of the corners of space you use and make a list of things, box by box, by following these steps: 

  • Empty the box by removing things from it,
  • Make a list of all things you collected,
  • Make a note indicating the quantity or number of identical things, count the sets (dishes, clothes, petty inventory…),
  • Place the items back to the box,
  • Label the box and the respective list with the same title (e.g., Kitchen 1),
  • Make a copy of the list, attach one to the box and keep the other for future reference,
  • Repeat these steps for each stored box.

Step 3: Make the main list

The main list can be made as an Excel sheet, as a note on your cell phone, on paper – it does not matter. What matters is that it exists and you can access it at any time. It is recommended that you have it in both physical and electronic form. It should cover every item you store in the storage unit, divided into categories and containing all information that will provide you with full accessibility and transparency over the contents you store. Quantities, dates, dimensions are all useful data used to simplify organizing space and reduce the potential mess. You can also be creative a make a small map of the unit, containing the location of particular items. 

Step 4. Regularly update the changes 

Finally – your list has to be updated regularly. Every time you add or remove something from your inventory, make a note and refresh it. No matter how small or big, important or insignificant an item may be, keep your list perfectly updated. 

Contact us for packing advice, storing, and keeping your things safe. We will help you use your self-storage unit efficiently and simplify the entire process of storing which may look burdensome at the beginning. Re would like to remind you that the very purpose of having storage units available to you is to make your life simpler and more convenient.