About us

Torobox team

Toro Box Self Storage has been created in response to a need. We, our friends, business partners, and acquaintances, all needed extra storage space. Whether it’s memorabilia, furniture during an apartment renovation project, a motorcycle during the winter months, temporary storage for small business needs – the reasons are many. This universal need prompted the launch of Toro Box Micro Self Storage, focused on the smallest needs of our potential clients.

We’re a customer-service driven, family-owned business and the only company in Serbia professionally managing this market segment. Our long-term experience leasing large commercial spaces and our expertise allow you to put your trust in us just as these clients have over the years: Eurobank, Sky Music, Dom Perignon, Emotion, Sorbon, and many others.

Working with these (and other) large companies highlighted the present need for smaller storage places, and we understand the growth potential. We have expanded our services to provide storage solutions for smaller businesses as well as private parties – namely, you. Our units are highly secure, available to you 24 hours per day, easily accessible and practical to use. Making the overall experience of moving and storage even easier, we have formed strategic partnerships with service experts. Refer to the Additional Services section for more details.

It’s actually very simple; we offer what everyone seems to be missing – SPACE!

And as for all your questions, we’d be happy to answer them.

Toro Box Self Storage Team